Funerals are broken down into 6 expenses.

  1. Funeral Home Services

  2. Funeral Home Products (Caskets, Urns)

  3. Outer Burial Containers (Vaults, Liners)… Some cemeteries require these items

  4. Cemetery Property (the actual plot or piece of land)

  5. Cemetery Opening and Closing (digging the grave/setting up of a tent, chairs, lowering device, etc.)

Cash outlays (Flowers, Death Certificates, Police Escorts, Newspaper Obituaries, Honorariums to Ministers or Musicians, etc.) The Funeral Home expense of a funeral typically deals with items 1-3 and we find these (Services, Casket, Outer Burial Container) on average to run $8000.00 Our research found that in some cases a funeral home will be near a $5000.00 difference in price for the same services and products. Granted, we cannot qualify service or facilities, but don’t assume.